Monday, November 25, 2013

Homework for Monday 11-25-13

ELA Those students that didn't hand in their rough draft tomorrow is the last day. I am not accepting it after tomorrow. Those students that did their draft, they need to hand in their final pieces of writing with corrections.

ELA Grammar Test tomorrow on Possessive, Singular, Plural Nouns for Both grades Tomorrow because Wednesday is half Day

Social Studies British Exploration Handout for 5th grade
Social Studies Fur Trading Gazette Handout for 4th grade

Friday, November 22, 2013

Homework 11-22-13

No Home work     Study for the Test for ELA Students know what to do for both grades

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homework 11-20-13

Social Studies 4th grade   Where does the tradition of manor houses originate from?

2. How did Pinkster Day come to be celebrated at Philipsburg Manor?

3. What else were herbs used for?

4. What was the Manor House used for in the 1700s?

Social Studies 5th grade pg 163 Review and Access questions 1-2 on Looseleaf
ELA Test for both grades on Plural, Possessive, and Singular Pronouns Wednesday 11-27-13

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Homework for Tuesday 11-19-13

Social Studies for 4th grade Compare and contrast the life of an indentured servant with the life of enslaved African on Looseleaf
Social Studies for 5th grade pg 155 Review and Access
ELA 4th and 5th grades Hand in 1st draft of Final draft
Vocabulary Test tomorrow on Unit 3

Monday, November 18, 2013

Homework for Monday 11-18-13

ELA 4th grade do the next part of the rough draft
Social Studies 4th grade page 110 questions 5-6 on looseleaf
Social Studies for 5th grade read pages 156-157 Answer questions on pg 157 Try the Skill
Vocabulary Test Wednesday on Unit 3 Both grades

Friday, November 15, 2013

Homework for Friday 11-15-13

ELA page 113 all exercises on Looseleaf  Students can turn to page 110 for the definitions of singular Plural, Possessive Plural. and Plural noun for 4th grade
ELa page 111 all exercises on Looseleaf 5th grade
Social Studies 4th grade finish work from page 107 on Looseleaf
Social Studies 5th grade finish work on page 146 on Looseleaf
Reading for 4th grade write a paragraph for the Summary for Chapter 1 of Charlie Pippin
Vocabulary Test on Unit 3 11-23-13 for both grades

Thursday, November 14, 2013

homework for Thursday 11-14-13

ELA Do the First Draft of Comparing and Contrasting the way it was explained in class 4th Grade
on LL ELA Do the First Draft of Persuasive Essay the way it was explained in class 5th Grade on LL

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homework for Wednesday 11-13-13

Vocabulary Test on Wednesday 11-20-13 on Unit 3 Both Grades
Vocabulary page 40
Spelling Pg 29 on Looseleaf

Friday, November 8, 2013

Homework for Friday 11-8-13

Social Studies 4th grade page 100 questions 1-12 on LL Study for Test 11-13-13
Social Studies 5th pg 101 do activity where you see the pencil on LL
All tests Signed Wednesday
Reading Handout Both sides
ELA 4 th Grade Start doing research on you topic for Writing that compares assignment
5th Grade Finish index cards Persuasive Letter

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homework 11-7-13

Social Studies 4th grade page 100 Questions 11 and 12 on LL
Social Studies 5th grade Handout only do the Left side ( Sun Dried Meat) LL
Reading Handout for 4th grade
ELA 4th Write down your topic and three to four similarities and differences on LL

Study Guide for Chapter 3 Social Studies Test for 5 th Grade

1. Vocabulary 5 words 1. Navigation 2. Merchants 3. Caravel 4. Expedition 5. Caravan

2. Multiple Choice 1 Know where the Black Sea was a Trading Route 2 Know who Timbuktu was 3 Know what Marco Polo’s book was about 4. Know who Zheng He was 5. Know what Prince Henry’s explorers were in search of

3. Questions 1 What changes in agriculture took place in Europe in the 12 th century? 2.What were some things that Marco Polo was introduced to Asia ? 3. Which European countries sent explorers to find a sea route to Asia in the 1400’s? 4. What kind of people did Prince Henry bring together in the early 1400’s? What was their goal? 5 How did the Cape of Good hope get its name? 6. What goods were traded in the Songhai Empire? 7.Why was Prince Henry called ‘ Henry the Navigator?

      Study Guide for 4th Grade

1 Vocabulary

Explorer, Trading Post, colony, Patroon, tolerance, tenant farmer, slavery, Proprietor, Free Trade, Northwest Passage

2. Multiple Choice

1. Where did Columbus end up on his exploration?

2. What did Samuel de Champlain do?

3. What did Henry Hudson find on his expedition?

4 Who was the first Dutch governor?

5. Who was the owner of the colony of New York?

3. Short Answer Questions

1 What important contribution did the settlers of New Sweden make?

2. Why did the Dutch surrender to New Amsterdam?

3. Why did Dutch investors form New Netherland?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Homework for Monday 11-4-13

Social Studies 4th grade Write two paragraphs about the struggles the European Colonies in North America on Looseleaf

Social Studies Test 11-13 -13 Wednesday for both grades on Chapter 3 Study guides will be given out tomorrow or Wednesday Vocabulary Test tomorrow on Unit 2 Those that didn't hand in their writing project can do but 5 points will be taken off each day they hand it in late

Friday, November 1, 2013

Homework 11-1-13

Study for Grammar Test on page 21 in spelling Book for Monday 11-4-13 Also For fifth grade and Fourth grade the writing assignments fourth weather forecast fifth How does creativity change the world Both due Monday November 4 Progress Reports should be reviewed and signed by parent and returned on Monday 11-4 Reading Handout