Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday 2-26-14

ELA Handout for both grades
Social Studies 4th grade Focus Lesson Review 1-4 pg 175 on LL
Social Studies 5th grade Review and Access pg 243

Friday, February 14, 2014

Homework 2-14-14

Social Studies Fifth Grade Colonial Taverns Activity Sheet
Social Studies Fourth Grade First Published African American Woman Author Activity Sheet

Social Studies Test will be rescheduled for Tuesday February 25 for both grades

ELA Moon Handout for Fourth Grade

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Homework for Friday 2-7-14

Vocabulary Study Unit 5 Both grades Monday 2-10-14 Test
Social Studies Write a journal entry describing the journey on the Empress of China to United States on LL
Social Studies 5th Grade pg 230 on LL

Study Guide for 4th grade Chapter 6

Vocabulary: Entrepreneur, Free Enterprise, bank, stock, stock exchange, ratify, amendment, capital, convention, constitution

Identification The Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, Empress of China, Buttonwood Agreement

Multiple Choice: 1. What year was the First Bank of New York established?

2. Who was the main person that started the Bank of New York?

3 How much money did the Bank of Albany loan out to the Great Western Turnpike Company?

Short Answers: 1. What effect did the arrival of ships from China have on trade?

2. Why did the Bill of Rights become part of the United States Constitution?

3.Why did new York’s capital move to Albany?

Study Guide for Fifth Grade Vocabulary : Frontier, Slave Trade, Industry, Legislation, Slave codes

Multiple Choice : 1. The truth of both indentured Servants and slaves

2. Which port was known as for its religious tolerance?

3. What caused the price of tobacco to rise and fall?

4 Who were the only people allowed to vote in most of the colonies?

5. What does Freedom of the Press mean?


John Punch, John Woolman, Middle Passage, Triangular Trade, Free Enterprise

Short Answers

1. How was the family important to enslaved Africans?

2. Why was the Yamase War fought?

3. What was the voyage to the American colonies like for both Europeans and Africans captives?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homework for 2-6-14

Vocabulary Test has been posponed tomorrow and will be rescheduled for Monday 2-10-14 for both grades

Upcoming Social Studies Test will be Thursday 2-13-14 for both grades Study Guides will be give tomorrow Chapter 6 for 4th grade   Chapter 7 for 5th grade

No written Homework tonight

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Homework 2-4-14

Vocabulary Friday 2-7-14 Unit 5 Grammar Thursday 2-6-14 from page 67 from Spelling Grammar Test Tuesday 2-6-14 from page 83 in Spelling Social Studies 4th grade pg 167 Focus Review 1-6 LL Social Studies 5th grade 221 1-5 LL Grammar Handouts for Both grades