Thursday, December 12, 2013

Homework for Thursday 12-12-13

Social Studies 4th grade Patrick Henry's Speech Activity questions 1-3
Test Tomorrow
Social Studies 5th grade Supplies Handout Test Tomorrow
ELA 4th Grade Start writing the rough draft of How to Essay
ELA 5th Grade start writing the rough draft of Autobiographical Incident

Attire for Christmas Show a scarf and a hat ( not baseball hat )
 No Jeans No sneakers  school pants for girls and boys or nice slacks for boys or nice dress for the girls.    The Christmas is 12-19-13 Thursday   Two Shows First show at 1pm   Second show at 7pm
Hope to see you all there listening to your sons and daughters

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Homework 12-10-13

ELA 4th Grade Activity C on Handout on LL
ELA 5th Grade Activity B on Handout on LL
Social Studies 4th 
  4th  Grade Social Studies  On Looseleaf  Suppose you are a colonist who is angry about having to pay a tax for tea. Write a speech you will give to your neighbors urging them to dump tea into the harbor at night. Use the text for reference, but don’t copy from the text. Use your own words.
5th Grade Social Studies 185 questions 1-5 Review and Access    Study for test on Friday Study Guide is posted 12-4

Monday, December 9, 2013

Homework 12-9-13

ELA 4th grade Finish the graphic organizer handout
ELA 5th grade Finish the questions from handout
Social Studies 4th grade read page 134 do page 135 on Looseleaf
Social Studies 5th grade page 185 Activity where the pencil is showing on Looseleaf
Social Studies Exams for both grades will be this Friday Study guides are on the blog from 12-4

Thursday, December 5, 2013


No Homework
Social Studies Study for test for Wednesday 12-11-13 Study Guide is on previous day's blog

Hope to see all of you at 1-3   or 6-8  from Teacher Conference and Distribution of Report Cards

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Homework 12-4-13

Vocabulary pages 44-45 Both classes
Social Studies Test for Both Grades Wednesday 12-11-13 Study Guides

Fourth Grade Study Guide Ch 4 Vocabulary:

Indentured Servant, Merchant, Surplus, Legislature, Assembly, Ally, Triangle Trade, Market Economy, Royal colony, Government

Multiple Choice:

1. Who brought over slaves from Africa?

2. What was the name of the Duke of York?

3. Who was allies with the British?

4. What does export mean?

5. What does import mean?

Short Answer questions

1. What brought colonists to the New York colony?

2. What country did Great Britain defeat in the 1700’s?

        Study Guide for Fifth Grade Chapter 5 Test 1 of2 Vocabulary:

Sachem, Profit, armada, cash crop, portage

Multiple Choice:

1. John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano, and Henry Hudson were looking for

2. The events that helped Jamestown grow

3. Reasons why the pilgrims left England

4. How did the Native Americans treat the Pilgrims

5. Dangers the colonists faced in Jamestown

Fill in Questions

1. What was the importance of Samuel de Champlain’s founding of Quebec?

2. What was the purpose of Henry Hudson’s explorations?

3. What was wrong with the location of Jamestown?

4. How did the tobacco play an important role in the development of the Jamestown colony?

5. Why did the Pilgrims want to start a colony in North America?


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Homework 12-3-13

Social Studies 4th grade page 122 whole page Test wednesday 12-11-13 on Chapter 4
Social Studies 5th grade page 170 on LL Test wednesday 12-11-13 chapter 5
Spelling page 45 both grades on LL