Thursday, March 26, 2015

4th Grade Social Studies Guide

Social Studies Study Guide

Test Date: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Know the following definitions:

- Surplus

- Indentured servant

- Import

- Export

- Merchant

- Royal colony

- Government

- Taxes

- Legislature

- Assembly

- Ally

- Triangle trade

- Market economy

Know information about:

- Trade and agriculture in colonial New York

- New York as a British colony

- Citizens wanted more power –how?

- Great Britain government and its effect on New York

- Life in colonial New York

- Explain how New york was a good place to settle and why did they come

- New York City was a large city in the British colonies

5th Grade Social Studies Guide

Test: Wednesday ( April 1st, 2015)

Know the following definitions:


-King Ferdinand

-Queen Isabella




-Hernando Cortes




-Fray Marcos de Niza

-Francisco Coronado

-Dona Marina

Know information about:

-Columbus and his new route and the effect it had

-conflict between the Aztec and Spanish

-cause and effect of the Spanish expeditions

-enslaved Africans

-Life in a Spanish Colony for encomienda owner, Native American and Enslaved African

-Spanish conquest of Central and South America

-Effects of the Columbian Exchange

-New Spain

Monday, March 16, 2015

Grammar Review (4th grade)

Grammar Study Guide

Test Date: Friday March 20th, 2015


- Definition

- Identify them in a sentence

- Add them to a sentence

- Comparative

- Superlative


- Definition

- Know whether they tell when where or how

- Add them to a sentence

**Know basic grammar (noun, verb, complete subject and complete predicate)


Grammar Review Sheet (5th grade)

Grammar Study Guide

Test: Friday March 20th, 2015

Know the following definitions AND be able to identify them:

• Adjectives

- Articles

- Know whether it tells what kind, which one, or how many

- Add adjectives to improve sentences

- Comparative

- Superlative

• Adverbs

- Know whether it tells how, when or where

- Add adverbs to improve sentences

** Go back and review BASIC grammar definitions (noun, verb, complete subject, and complete predicate)

**Study SHEETS

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 3

Know the following definitions:

- explorer
- Northwest Passage
- trading post
- colony
- culture
- investor
- profit
- patroon
- tenant farmer
- tolerance
- slavery
- proprietor
- free trade

Be able to answer the following questions:

1. Why were Europeans exploring land in New York?

2. What geographic features in New York are named for explorers?

3. How did the colonly of New Netherland begin to grow?

4. Why did the Dutch West India Company establish New Netherland?

5. How did the Dutch West India Company hope to get settlers for its colony?

6. What Dutch traditions continued after New Netherland became an English colony?

7. How did the Dutch traditions shape New York colony?

8. What made the Dutch colonists surrender to the English warships?

9.  Why do you tink many non-Dutch people moved to New Netherland?

5th Grade Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter Three Study Guide

Know the following vocabulary words and people:

- Middle Ages
- merchant
- expedition
- Marco Polo
- Kublia Khan
- currency
- caravan
- Sunni Ali
- Zheng He
- navigation
- caravel
- Prince Henry

Be able to answer the following questions:

1. Analyze how Marco Polo's travels to Asia led to European interest in the rest of the world.

2. What effect did they inventions of the windmill and watermill have on European farmers in the MiddleAges?

3. Analyze how trade grew during the Middle Ages.

4. Why was Timbuktu and important trade city?

5. Predict what might have happened if the new emperor of China had not destroyed the sailing ships of Zheng He.

6. Why was Prince Henry called " Henry the Navigator?"

7. How did improvements in such inventions as the magnetic compass and astrolable make sailing easier?

8. What changes in agriculture took place in Europe in the  twelfth century?

9. How did the Cape of Good Hope get its name?

10. How did the emperor Zhu Di increase contact between China and other countries? 

Earth Day Writing Assignment

Earth Day Writing Assignment

Due: March 18th, 2015 (Wednesday)

In celebration of Earth Day, each student is to research an environmentalist who has made major contributions to our planet. Students are to write a 2-3-page paper about the person they have chosen. Paper can be hand written or typed. Each assignment must have a cover page (persons name and a picture).

Students are to include information about:

• Early life

• Education

• Major contributions

• Opinions about their contribution

• Pictures

They are also required to write letters to the environmentalists asking for their opinions on a current environmental issue or to share ideas on how to protect the earth. Students can write a friendly or business letter.

I have attached a list of environmentalist students can choose from but are NOT obligated.

• Edward Abbey

• Alan Chadwick

• Henry Thoreau

• Rachel Carson

• John Burroughs

• John Muir

• Aldo Leopoid

• Archie “Grey Owl” Belaney

• David Brower

• John Denver

• William O. Douglas

• Rosalie Edge

• Celia Hunter

• Robert “Bob” Marshall

• Eugene Odum

• Ed Ricketts

• Theodore Roosevelt

• Lois Gibbs

• Julia Butterfly Hill

• Ruth Patrick

• Pete Seeger

• Gary Snyder

• Terry Tempest Williams